Monspace sponsor the MAF project

I am honoured that Monspace is able to take part in this meaningful project through sponsorship. We hope MAF is able to continue providing assistance to people living with Aids, giving them better healthcare and support 非常荣幸满星云能以赞助企业的身份参与这一项深具意义的计划,让MAF能继续提供专业的服务以帮助更多的艾滋病患者,让艾滋病患能得到最妥善的照​​顾。 Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Arward Gala Dinner I am honoured that Monspace is able to take part in […]

Monspace is concerned about Malaysia’s AIDs communin and support MAF’S

Besides the wellbeing of children, Monspace is also concerned about Malaysia’s AIDs community and the support they receive. We see MAF’s effort, and hope to give them support in educating the public and raising awareness. 除了关心儿童福利,满星云也关注大马艾滋病以及艾滋病患者的课题,看见了MAF在改善艾滋病病例上的努力,决定贡献一份力量让MAF得以持续进行艾滋病病宣导教育工作。

SJC1000Days——Only a beautiful heart can give you the true satisfaction you seek in life

The Mission Trip that just ended has got to be the most soul-wrenching trip I’ve been on in the past six months. On the journey, I learned that no material wealth in this world can compare to a kind heart. Material might satisfy you temporarily, but it can’t fulfil the long term spiritual needs of […]

SJC 1000days—— With Love, With Care, for a better tomorrow

The last stop of Greatest Happiness Mission Trip was at Dien Bien Phu, Vietnam. Due to the lack of knowledge about early childhood nutrition in rural areas, many Vietnamese households are unaware of the importance of good nutrition within the first 1000 days of a child’s life. Malnutrition at this stage can cause stunted growth, […]

Jessy Lai’s Charity Honeymoon Trip——Life inspiring life

My honeymoon involves no sunshine by the beach, no cultural immersion in Europe. Instead, I embarked on the Charity Honeymoon Trip to help development programmes in poor rural areas in several nations. Some have asked, why don’t you take a holiday abroad and enjoy your precious holiday? The answer is simple. I want to give […]

Jessy Lai’s Charity Honeymoon Trip——Vietnam

Jessy Lai’ Charity Honeymoon Trip as arrived in Vietnam. This stop is also to promote the SJC 1000 Days Programme, a collaboration between Lai and UNICEF. Earlier, the team visited Philippines for the same purpose, and has set up development programmes for children in need. Lai also discussed strategies for the SJC 1000 Days Programme […]

Jessy Lai’s Charity Honeymoon Trip——Philippines

Next stop on Jessy Lai’s Charity Honeymoon Trip is an early childhood development project in collaboration with UNICEF. Vietnam and Philippines are the first two countries to receive help under this initiative. Lai has landed in Philippines on 19 April to visit poverty-stricken areas, commencing the early childhood development plan. Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai has […]

Jessy Lai’s Charity Honeymoon Trip ——Sabah

On 1 April 2018, Monspace Multinational Corp CEO Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai held the #GreatestHappiness wedding and officially announcing her marriage to the company. An oath was made, that she would stick with the company through thick or thin, till the very end. She has also promised to continue the motto of “life inspiring life”, to help the […]

Jessy Lai together with Hong Kong actress Michelle visit and donate to Rohingya refugee

Recently, Hong Kong celebrity Michelle Yim and I visited the Rohingya refugee camp in Selayang and donated some necessities, which will hopefully alleviate the sufferings of the refugees. The Rohingyas are some of the most persecuted people in the world. Most of them fled from Myanmar to slums and refugee camps in Bangladesh, via a […]


Xin chào mọi người, hôm nay lại là một ngày bận rộn! Sau một buổi sáng sớm và bữa ăn sáng, chương trình nghị sự đầu tiên của tôi là gặp Thủ tướng của SVG. Sau buổi họp đó, Bộ trưởng Bộ Nông nghiệp đã đưa tôi đến Trường Tiểu học Greggs, một trường được […]