Uncertainty Is Your Best Friend, So Stop Panicking!

Remember all those times you feel unsure about yourself? When a new task lands on your desk and you’re not sure if you can do it. When you got pregnant and was not sure if you would be a good mother. Or when you fall in love and fear so much that you will get your heart broken. Or when you signed up for cooking classes and burned your hands and wonder if you would ever be able to graduate from making instant noodles?

Do those moments scare you?

I know for a fact that many people hate uncertainties. It gets people on the edge of their seats, and makes them panic.

Guess what? These are the same thoughts that we all have; even the great, successful people who we think have it all. Truth is, our lives are supposed to be an uncertain mess, and we aren’t supposed to have any clue why we are here. To be uncertain is OK.

Uncertainty is where all the fun is! If you knew everything that was going to happen already, wouldn’t life be so boring? Admit it, most people wouldn’t even watch the same movie twice because they’ve already know what will happen. Isn’t it the same with life?

The way to become best friends with uncertainty is to practice. The more you do it, the less you fear it. Every day, try and do something that is new, something uncomfortable. Maybe it’s hanging around people you don’t know, maybe it’s reading something that scares you, maybe it’s trying out a new adventure.

For me, I try talking to people from all walks of life. Coming from different industries and backgrounds could mean that sometimes we have no common interest at all. I sometimes risk sounding foolish; but it’s a practice that I ask of myself.

Sometimes, its travelling to places that I have never been to before. Cultures that I have never seen, and languages that I don’t understand—those are exciting, and they push me out of my comfort zone.

I think of it like this: corporates are trying to become like startups and disrupt themselves. This trend is something you can use in your life to reach the same outcome.

Listen to music you’ve never heard, watch a film with controversial messages if you’ve always watched things that are prim and proper, change the way you dress, travel the world, talk to someone who’s not your type, read a fiction book if you always read non- fiction, shake things up guys.

When you are not disrupting your life regularly, you get the opposite effect of uncertainty: certainty. That’s how most people end up being miserable with their lives. There is no new spark, nothing that excites you about life and the world.

We need a fair balance of certainty and uncertainty to make life good. If you feel stuck, uninspired and miserable, try it. Try something new, shake things up.

You will realise that life is so much more exciting that what you think it is.















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