As long as passion is burning in our hearts, we will keep going

I love working with passion. I love challenges, and I feel very accomplished when I overcome them. So I’ve always thought that when it comes to entrepreneurship, there is no finishing line. As long as passion is burning in our hearts, we will keep going. 我是一个热爱工作的人,我很喜欢工作,很喜欢面对挑战,征服了挑战对我而言特别有成就感,所以我一直都认为,创业永远没有终点,因为只要热情还在燃烧,我们永远都会在路上。

It’s true, we can overcome fate

It’s true, we can overcome fate. If you come across huge obstacles in your journey, If you feel like you can’t go on, don’t just think of your goals. Calm yourself down, and focus on getting things right. Your situation will sure get better! 人定胜天是对的。 如果在前行的道路上 ,你遇到强大的阻碍 , 让你无法再继续前行 ,不要一心只想着目标 , 试着让自己冷静下来 ,集中精神把事情做好 。 一定会有柳暗花明的那一刻!

We thank the organizer for letting us be a part of this this meaningful MY VOICE MY NATION event.

Malaysia is a special country. On this land, we hear different languages, see different skin tones, believe in different faiths. We are so different, yet we get together so well—because Malaysia is like a mother who loves without discrimination, regardless of culture, religion, and race. That is precisely why we are thriving! We thank the […]

A simple statement can ruin someone else’s lifelong hard work

你可知道?一句话的力量,绝对能抹杀别人一辈子的努力。 我始终相信,哪怕身处逆境,只要心怀恩慈的,就绝不会轻易的被眼前的磨难绝给击败,也不会因为外界的影响而改变了自己向善的原则。 Did you know? A simple statement can ruin someone else’s lifelong hard work. I’ve always believed that no matter how tough things get, a good heart can’t be easily defeated. Neither would it change it’s good nature because of the world’s influence.

Believe in yourself,believe in the future

I always say that your belief dictates your destiny. You need a principle to live by, to help you differentiate truth from falsehood. That way you won’t be easily swayed by others around you. 我向来认为,你相信什么,就会决定了生活往那个方向前进,而做人一定要有原则,能分辨事情的真伪,才不会因周围的声音而轻易改变主意或错误判断事情。

I didn’t forgive you, but it doesn’t matter anymore.

Kevin Tsai once said: “I didn’t forgive you, but it doesn’t matter anymore.” I think it is a brilliant quote. It’s not easy to forgive someone, especially those who have hurt you deeply. Forgiving, forgetting, and letting go are much easier said than done. If you really can’t find a way to forgive others, maybe […]

Happy Valentine’s Day !

There is beauty to be found anywhere and everywhere. Which means everyone is beautiful, and has something beautiful. The key is whether you know how to appreciate yourself? There’s a saying that goes: “Instead of being perfect, try being whole.” It’s important to understand and appreciate all that is perfect and imperfect about you. Compared […]

Give yourself “one more try”. Don’t give yourself room to regret.

Often, the key to a person’s success is that they are willing to give themselves “one more try”. If you have failed before, it’s alright. Get up, practice, fight for it again. Every time you say “one more try”, you are improving yourself in an attempt to be seen by the world. To be successful, […]