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Your present is your future

你的现在,就是你的将来。 如果你抱怨现在的生活,就是在抱怨昨天自己做的决定。 你的生活都是自己决定的,若你沉溺在生活的各种抱怨以及惨淡的话,那不用遥想将来了。 追根究底,就是因为在最开始,你已经选择让出了对生活的选择权,选择为自己努力的权利,被习惯的驱赶着,明天复制今天,后天贴上明天,周而复次的过着这种生活方式。 我想,我们应该做的是就过好今天,只有把今天过好,明天才会更好,你才能谈未来! Your present is your future. If you complain about your life now, you’re actually complaining about a choice you made in the past. Your life is decided by you. If you drown yourself in all kinds of complaints and pessimism, then don’t expect the future to be bright. And the […]

At the end of suffering is success

I’ve always believed that the beauty of life is not a fleeting moment. It is the realisation that you have made it through a long and difficult journey, when you take a moment to look back. 一直都如此认为,人生最精彩的不是成功的那一瞬间,而是回头看,那段漆黑看似没有尽头苦苦摸索的过程。  

Focus your energy on those who are most likely to be close with you

British Anthropologist and Professor at Oxford University Robin Dunbar proposed a theory called “Dunbar’s Number”. It posits that 150 is the average number of individuals with whom any one person can maintain stable relationships. Among this 150, only 5 will be able to maintain a close tie with you. There was another post that echoed […]

Is the Kitchen Dead?

UBS Group AG conducted a research last year titled “Is the Kitchen Dead?”, revealing a massive challenge shared by physical eateries. “Virtual restaurants” and “dark restaurants” have completely upset the industry. Virtual restaurants are regular F&B outlets that also provide food delivery, while “dark kitchens” have become a hot topic recently. Puponfai, for example, is […]

Voice your opinion

When an enterprise creates a culture where employees are free to voice their opinions, they can expect to improve by leaps and bounds. This is an enterprise that is forward thinking and prioritises innovation, that’s why they encourage a free flow of opinions. This inadvertently motivates their employees, showing that they are respected, and their […]

Happy Father’s Day!

F-fantastic, A-awesome, T-terrific, H-honorable, E-excellent, R-remarkable… Happy Father’s Day to all you wonderful dads out there!   浓情六月天,迎来父亲节。父亲养育我,认劳又认怨。父亲教导我,点滴记心间。父亲疼爱我,幸福不搁浅。父爱在身边,力量无穷添。 有一种身形无比伟岸,有一种情感重如泰山,有一种关爱含蓄内敛,有一种责任启后承前,这就是我们的父亲。 您总是把最深沉的爱,藏在默默凝望的眼里。虽然不言不语,但我总能感受到那份血浓于水的关爱。父亲节到了,祝全天下的父亲健康长寿!

The Way of Survival

Traditionally, having high emotional quotient (EQ) means supressing oneself, always putting on a smile and treat people with politeness. In Eastern culture, “patience” is lauded as a virtue, and the way of survival. Those who are forward about their thoughts, or speak their mind freely, are often considered “inconsiderate”. In Western culture, however, the latter […]

You Decide How Exciting Life Is

Life is a wonderful thing. It is entirely up to you to decide how exciting, or how plain it is. The light of life can be lit by your passion. If you walk towards your dreams, then the boat of life will also move forward because of your efforts. 生命是一件很奇妙的事情,精彩或平淡全都掌握在你的手中。如果你选择好好相待,生命之灯会因为你的热情而点燃,如果你想朝着梦想前进,生命之舟亦会因为你的拼搏而前行。