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Happy Renri !

It’s the 7th day of Lunar New Year today, one of the most important days in the spring festival which is also known as Renri in Chinese tradition. Monspace wishes everyone to have a happy Renri, and may all your wishes come true and all your deeds get better as you proceed!   今天是大年初七,是华人的传统习俗中的“人日”,是农历新春中最重要的节日之一。满星云在此祝福各位,大年初七“人日”快乐,祝福你心想事成,步步高升!

It’s Lichun today!

It’s Lichun today, an important festival in Chinese tradition that indicates the beginning of spring and Chinese New Year is coming. Lichun also signifies the awakening of the land, a new year with new prosperity, and also a blessed day of good luck. In this special day, I wish everyone here to have extremely good […]

Merry Christmas!

May your Christmas be filled with moments of fun and laughter with the ones you love,and may you have a safe and happy holiday. Merry Christmas! 不知不觉,又来到了圣诞节,这也意味着2020年来到了尾声,新的一年即将到来。 在这个欢乐的佳节里,祝福各界圣诞节快乐,愿您能与最爱的家人好友共度美好又温馨的圣诞佳节。祝愿您有一个健康又快乐的圣诞假期。

Your present is your future

你的现在,就是你的将来。 如果你抱怨现在的生活,就是在抱怨昨天自己做的决定。 你的生活都是自己决定的,若你沉溺在生活的各种抱怨以及惨淡的话,那不用遥想将来了。 追根究底,就是因为在最开始,你已经选择让出了对生活的选择权,选择为自己努力的权利,被习惯的驱赶着,明天复制今天,后天贴上明天,周而复次的过着这种生活方式。 我想,我们应该做的是就过好今天,只有把今天过好,明天才会更好,你才能谈未来! Your present is your future. If you complain about your life now, you’re actually complaining about a choice you made in the past. Your life is decided by you. If you drown yourself in all kinds of complaints and pessimism, then don’t expect the future to be bright. And the […]

At the end of suffering is success

I’ve always believed that the beauty of life is not a fleeting moment. It is the realisation that you have made it through a long and difficult journey, when you take a moment to look back. 一直都如此认为,人生最精彩的不是成功的那一瞬间,而是回头看,那段漆黑看似没有尽头苦苦摸索的过程。