There’s nothing we can’t get over. No obstacle we can’t overcome

There’s nothing we can’t get over. No obstacle we can’t overcome. We need to keep looking forward, keep moving, and know that all sufferings are temporary. 没有什么东西是过不去的,没有坎儿是跨不过去,我们应该往前看,往前走,须知,任何事情都敌不过时光,时间会证明一切。

Hope we continue walking hand in hand and inspiring life with life.

The England trip has come to an end. It has been exhausting, but my heart is full of happiness and warmth because of the many smiles I’ve collected throughout the week-long journey. On this trip, I’ve seen the passion of our loyal users. Familiar faces were seen everywhere, in every company event no matter big […]

shared massage chairs’s future is promising

The recent years have seen an array of new ventures in the sharing economy. In China, for example, there are now innovative projects such as shared makeup stations, umbrellas, power outlets and more. Sharing massage chairs are also seeing a rise in demand. Urbanites love shopping in malls, but it can get frustrating when you […]

Sharing economy 3.0 ,a truly subversive economic era

Until now, the development of the sharing economy is mainly aimed at consumer markets. If businesses driven by mobile networks, like ride sharing service, is considered part of sharing economy 1.0, then the sharing of bicycles based on basic Internet of Things (IoT) + mobile payment technology would be part of sharing economy 2.0. Experts […]

Massage chairs one of the hottest industries

Massage chairs, the new addition to the sharing economy is one of the hottest industries currently. While still in its early stages of development, the business model has developed innovative ways to leverage big data, using information such as footfall, market demand, consumer habits, purchasing power etc. to corner the market. 属于“共享经济”范畴的共享按摩椅是当前最火热的行业之一,共享按摩椅虽然仍在起步阶段,但已经利用大数据和累积用户的方式专研出一套占领市场、调研人流量和需求量、消费习惯、支付能力等方式的新商业模式。