The Mission Trip that just ended has got to be the most soul-wrenching trip I’ve been on in the past six months. On the journey, I learned that no material wealth in this world can compare to a kind heart.

Material might satisfy you temporarily, but it can’t fulfil the long term spiritual needs of people.

A heart that is unkind can try to fill itself with all the riches in the world, but it still won’t fill the void in their soul.

Indeed, kindness and honesty are priceless. Only a beautiful heart can give you the true satisfaction you seek in life.

That’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned on this trip!

刚刚才结束的 “彩云蜜月慈善之旅” 是这半年来最让我感触甚多的一次旅程,在这一次的旅程中,我领悟到人世间任何有形的物质都比不上一颗善心。