DeFi’s influence is comparable to that of FinTech

Recent research has found that in the past year, DeFi’s influence is comparable to that of FinTech. 1.Trust-based vs trust-minimised The Trusted-based operating model depends on the absolute trust behind the operating organization. There is no choice but to trust. The trust-minimised model does not depend on the organization, but verifies the audit by any […]

How does DeFi work?

DeFi 是如何运行? DeFi使用了区块链的可编程数字资产技术,这些数字资产具有货币价值,主要是因为它们的价值储存特性。由于这些资产是可编程的,因此我们可以将它们锁定在智能合约中,作为抵押品(类似于房屋抵押贷款)。 用户可通过这种抵押品,以稳定币的形式获得贷款。 稳定币是一种加密数字货币,其价值与美元等世界货币挂钩。 我们可以用这些稳定资产交换其他数字资产,用户也可以随时随地直接与代码交互,而不需要中介公司,这是一个有代表性的转变。 How does DeFi work? DeFi uses the blockchain’s programmable digital asset technology. These assets have monetary value, mainly because of their ability to store value. Since these assets are programmable, we can lock them in a smart contract as collateral (similar to a house mortgage). Users can obtain loans […]

Happy Labour Day!

满星云成立五年以来,有赖于全体家人的努力与支持,才能让满星云能发展至今日的规模。 我向来视伙伴们为集团的资源与财富,五年以来,集团不断的求进步,并与大家共享成功的硕果。 今天是五一劳动节,满星云在此祝贺全体同仁,劳动节快乐!未来的日子,请继续与集团携手前进,创造奇迹。 Monspace got to where we are today in 5 years, in no small part due to the contribution of everyone who works with us. I have always treated our people as valuable assets. Over the past 5 years, we have continuously expand and share the fruits of its growth with everyone. On […]

ATV has donated 40,000 medical masks to the government of Beigang, China

ATV has donated 40,000 medical masks to the government of Beigang, China for the prevention and control of the COVID-19 spread. Through donations, ATV hopes to show support for the frontline medical staff in Beigang, by supplying protection gear to assist the country in the fight against the virus. As COVID-19 continues to spread around […]

DeFi,Decentralized Finance

DeFi, also known as Decentralized Finance. The reason why DeFi is popular is because it uses blockchain to overcome natural shortcomings of the traditional financial system, including centralized institutions control, an unequal financial system, cumbersome review processes, lack of transparency, and potential transaction risks (the risk of failure to perform contractual obligations) and more. The […]

Non – Communicable Diseases – The Co-Killer

The COVID19 pandemic as today has infected about 400,000 and has killed more than 20,000 people, with the numbers rapidly increasing with new cases being reported from different territories. According to the World Heart Federation, “non-communicable diseases (NCD), specifically chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes are major risk factors for developing severe […]

Work From Home,new mindset about working systems

人们的工作场合从办公室,转移阵地到家里,许多人猜想,疫情之久,办公模式是否会恢复正常? 事实上,随着科技水平的进步以及千禧与Z一代逐渐加入劳动圈,全球劳动力早已逐渐摆脱“办工桌”的束缚,转移至更自由的工作型态,但雇主对于员工在家工作这回事不会掉以轻心,担心员工在家工作会影响效率与沟通,进而怀疑在家工作的可行性。 令让人惊讶的是,根据Lenovo的调查显示,将近一半的受访者认为他们的在家工作生产率与办公室的生产率(46%)相当, 15%在家中甚至可以提高生产率。 因此,雇主必须对企业文化、运作模式等重新建立一套新的思维模式,雇主必须接受科技早已改变工作模式这一事实,疫情仅仅加速了这场变革而已。 People have moved work from the office to home, and many are wondering if working in an office is a model that will resume after this crisis. In reality, with the advancement of technology and the entry of Gen Z into the workforce, the global labour force has long forsaken […]

A friend in need is a friend indeed

缓急可共,生死可托,密友也; 满星云有许多难能可贵的家人朋友,从一开始到现在都陪伴着满星云风雨共度,即便满星云经历了多次的考验与危机,他们仍然在原地等待,给予我们最好的精神支持。 除了感激,再也无法表达发自内心那即是喜悦也是感慨的情绪,感恩一路有你们,未来的日子,也希望能与各位一起肩并肩的走下去,用生命影响生命,谢谢你们! There have been countless times in my life where a difficult situation showed me my true allies. Every challenge is an opportunity to find out who will stay true and loyal. Only when you’ve faced difficulties and challenges together, can be counted as a real friend or family. Your loyalty is not […]

WCEM 2020

Greetings and I hope everyone is safe and keeping yourself active. My country’s fight against COVID19 is looking very positive and I hope it’s the same at your end. Though we may be out of the Movement Control Order soon, but we are not allowed to organise any mass gatherings for at least another 6 […]

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