Happy winter solstice!

The annual winter solstice is here, which means the year end is near, and new year is beckoning! The winter solstice is one of the most important festivals in the Chinese calendar. It is the season of reunion, when families gather to bond and celebrate.

In this special season, Monspace would like to thank all our partners, users, staff and members of the public a happy winter solstice!

一年一度的冬至又到了,意味着一年又将尽,新的一年即将来临! 冬至在华人社会里是重大节日之一,因为冬至有着“团圆“的意义,是家人亲友团聚的时刻。在这个温馨的节日里,满星云感谢各位在2020年所给予的帮助,在此诚挚的祝福各位合作伙伴、家人、全体同仁以及各界人士,冬至节快乐!