Entrepreneur Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai is a successful Malaysian businesswoman, philanthropist, inspirational coach, educator & investor.

Born in Malacca, Malaysia, Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai is famed for her role in Women Leadership, strong acumen in business & inspirational talks.

She founded Mon Space Group & currently travels around the world inspiring lives. Her entrepreneurial projects started in the trading industry and then expanded to telecommunications, F&B and real estate across Asia.

Her Mon Space Group has recently penetrated a new industry – Digital & consumer electronics, including an rewards-based health & beauty eCommerce shopping mall & mobile phone development.

Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai is a multi-faceted entrepreneur with a passion for making ideas a reality and helping mission-driven professionals materialise ideas, elevate performance and accelerate success. Her life is one of inspiration and courage, like Chinese proverbs, her inspirational coaching offers encouragement, enthusiasm and revelation.

Noted as one of Malaysia’s top entrepreneurs, with businesses that span across Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Laos, Cambodia, Algeria, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, and as of most recent Korea. She is the Owner & Founder of Mon Space Group, a group of companies that invests in telecommunications, F&B, and properties across Asia. Recently the company has penetrated a new industry – Digital & Consumer electronics, which includes a rewards based health & beauty eCommerce shopping mall specialising in selling “hard-to-get” products to all of remote Asia.

Along with pursuing entrepreneurial endeavours, her passion for making a difference drives her support for various philanthropic and humanitarian causes. Some of which includes, helping to build schools for the less fortunate children in China. Working with Malaysian charities such as Batu Grace, provided financial assistance in securing the properties for the orphanage in Kulim, Kedah and other essential items. Her properties include a 10-acre villas in Malacca, 2-acres of land in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan developing 1,000 units of condominiums.

She is also planning to operate a capital investment company solely for the purpose of helping young couples own their first home. Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai currently travels around the world inspiring others.

拿督斯里赖彩云博士太平局绅(Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai)是马来西亚一位杰出的女性企业家、慈善家、激励家、教育家以及投资家。

拿督斯里赖彩云博士出生于马来西亚马六甲,作为一位杰出的企业家,一直以来,拿督斯里赖彩云博士积极的扮演领导女性的角色,并以强烈的商业嗅觉以及激励人心的演说闻名大马。 拿督斯里赖彩云博士是马来西亚MON SPACE集团的创办人,早期是以贸易事业起家,随即将商业触角延伸至电信业、餐饮业以及横跨亚洲的房地产业。 作为亚洲最出色的企业之一,拿督斯里赖彩云博士的事业版图跨越中国、台湾、香港以及韩国的部分地区。

最近,拿督斯里赖彩云博士所创办的MON SPACE集团也进军了电子消费产品业,其中包括以健康与美容为概念的网上购物平台,此网站最大特色在于,一般非常难寻的产品,均能在这里找到。

拿督斯里赖彩云博士是一位拥有无限热情的企业家,对于任何有潜能的人事物,她不是空想空看空听,而是极力将一切的可能性以实际行动化为现实。 同时,拿督斯里赖彩云博士也秉承“尊重专业,善用专业”之理念,积极提升专业表现以迈向成功之路。

拿督斯里赖彩云博士的人生充满励志性,而她的激励人生也鼓舞以及启发了许多人的热情与梦想。 除了是一位成功的企业家之外,拿督斯里赖彩云博士也是一位慈善家,她将对事业的热情投注于各种慈善公益,例如过去几年来,她陆续在中国偏远的贫穷地区捐赠以及建校,为不幸的孩子提供教育机会。