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The Way of Survival

Traditionally, having high emotional quotient (EQ) means supressing oneself, always putting on a smile and treat people with politeness. In Eastern culture, “patience” is lauded as a virtue, and the way of survival. Those who are forward about their thoughts, or speak their mind freely, are often considered “inconsiderate”. In Western culture, however, the latter […]

You Decide How Exciting Life Is

Life is a wonderful thing. It is entirely up to you to decide how exciting, or how plain it is. The light of life can be lit by your passion. If you walk towards your dreams, then the boat of life will also move forward because of your efforts. 生命是一件很奇妙的事情,精彩或平淡全都掌握在你的手中。如果你选择好好相待,生命之灯会因为你的热情而点燃,如果你想朝着梦想前进,生命之舟亦会因为你的拼搏而前行。

If you have already joined Monspace

If you have already joined Monspace, we want you to feel our sincerity, love and positivity. So you know what we are all about. 我想告诉大家,既然你已经踏入了满星云,我们要用最大的诚意、最大的爱心、最正面的一种思维去感染你,告诉你我们想创造的是什么。