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Is the Kitchen Dead?

UBS Group AG conducted a research last year titled “Is the Kitchen Dead?”, revealing a massive challenge shared by physical eateries. “Virtual restaurants” and “dark restaurants” have completely upset the industry. Virtual restaurants are regular F&B outlets that also provide food delivery, while “dark kitchens” have become a hot topic recently. Puponfai, for example, is […]

The story had a beautiful ending: the rich man decided not to buy the piece of land….

Recently I saw an interesting ad about a rich man who wants to buy a prime piece of land, situated in the middle of a busy city. He visited a 20-year-old restaurant on the piece of land, asking the owner to sell her plot to him. Patrons of the restaurant are everyday citizens: delivery worker, […]

Voice your opinion

When an enterprise creates a culture where employees are free to voice their opinions, they can expect to improve by leaps and bounds. This is an enterprise that is forward thinking and prioritises innovation, that’s why they encourage a free flow of opinions. This inadvertently motivates their employees, showing that they are respected, and their […]

Success can also give birth to failure

We often say failure is the mother of success. But the more successful you are, the more you need to understand that success can also give birth to failure. “Change is the only constant.” Your success today does not guarantee success for the rest of your life. If you allow yourself to be complacent, then […]

Stressed mind finds it hard to solve problems

I believe everyone is bound to meet the following scenario: A problem occurs. We wrack our brains, spend tireless nights only to arrive at no meaningful conclusion, and stress starts piling up. What should you do in this circumstance? Founder of Ford Motor Company Henry Ford says that every time he is faced with problems, […]

Happy Father’s Day!

F-fantastic, A-awesome, T-terrific, H-honorable, E-excellent, R-remarkable… Happy Father’s Day to all you wonderful dads out there!   浓情六月天,迎来父亲节。父亲养育我,认劳又认怨。父亲教导我,点滴记心间。父亲疼爱我,幸福不搁浅。父爱在身边,力量无穷添。 有一种身形无比伟岸,有一种情感重如泰山,有一种关爱含蓄内敛,有一种责任启后承前,这就是我们的父亲。 您总是把最深沉的爱,藏在默默凝望的眼里。虽然不言不语,但我总能感受到那份血浓于水的关爱。父亲节到了,祝全天下的父亲健康长寿!

The concepts of “self-doubt” and “persistence”.

The concepts of “self-doubt” and “persistence”. Some people wait their whole life for something, and get nothing. Some people do nothing, and had everything handed to them. If we compare ourselves to each other, we’ll only suffer in anger. We talk about making peace with our circumstances, but it’s not an easy thing to do. […]

Keep up with the times and create opportunities for growth

There are many young employees in my company. I am very willing to create a space for them to grow and hone their potential. I think the old way of leading is outdated. We need to keep up with the times and create opportunities for growth. In an era where everyone is obsessed over innovation […]

“It was really hard, but it was also really fun!”

我发现这个时代有一个很有趣的现象,那就是越会玩的人,在未来世代就会越有作为。 怎么说呢? 看看苹果、脸书、亚马逊,以及特斯拉,亚洲的阿里巴巴、腾讯,还有一堆移动与手机公司,他们都是这个世代里最具有新经济新价值的玩家。 这些公司最著名的一点就是让员工在相对好玩轻松的环境下工作,苹果创办人乔布斯曾说过:“这工作实在太难了,但也实在太好玩了!” 用好奇的心态来面对工作的艰难,让他突破困难,也鼓励员工有这样的思维。 I observed an interesting phenomenon in this generation. The more someone knows how to have fun, the more likely the person will go on and achieve great heights. What do I mean? Just look at Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Tesla, Alibaba, and the several dozen other tech companies. These are the […]