Do what you love, and what you’re good at.

As we work on creating a better future, let’s not forget to live in the moment. What’s most precious are the people who have stayed by you, fought together with you, and love you right now. Do what you love, and what you’re good at. Read a book over the weekend, spend some time with […]

Spirit of Good Friday is meaningful!

Good Friday is one of the most important days for Christians. It’s also known as “Black Friday” or the day of Jesus’ suffering. On this day, Christians commemorate the sufferings of Jesus on the cross. Many western countries and jurisdictions declare it a public holiday, including 12 states in the US. With time, this religious […]

May Your Career Make You Shine!

Today, I’m sharing a good book I found recently, titled “May Your Career Make You Shine”. Here’s an excerpt: “Work is just a small part of your life. Besides success in your career, there are other precious things such as love, friendship, family, health, art, travel, knowledge and all kinds of passion worth pursuing. Having […]

Spend more effort loving ourselves

I rarely dislike anyone. If I really do decide to block people out of my lives, they must possess the traits I dislike the most, such as having NO INTEGRITY. But no matter how much I dislike these people, I never let them affect me. Life is too short for that! We should spend the […]

Monspace held a gala in Dubai to reward our users

Yesterday was an exceptional day ! As you all know, we have held a gala in Dubai to reward our users, and also to allow users from all countries a chance to meet and connect. This gala saw more than 1000 users attending from around the world, gathering for a fun and crowded night! Entertainment […]

MONSPACE Hosts First Preparation Meeting for the 2nd World Conference for Sports Medicine

On 18-19 March (Sunday-Monday) at the Hyatt Regency Hotel Dubai, the MS New Symphony Exercise Clinic held the first meeting in preparation for the World Conference on Exercise Medicine 2018 (WCEM). This first meeting focused on inviting guest speakers, conference theme and topics involved etc. Founded in 2016, the MS New Symphony Exercise Clinic is one […]

Monspace Indonesia has moved to premium business district

According to the 2017 World Bank’s ease of doing business index, Indonesia ranked 91 among 190 countries, rising 15 places compared to 2016. In the World Bank’s latest report on Indonesia’s economy, World Bank (Indonesia) chief economist pointed out that the country’s economy is improving. The report shows improvement in spending, investment, and exports. Growth […]

Appreciate what you have, and be contented

I saw a video clip today of a pair of young siblings. The elder sister, though young, had to make porridge for her brother. She lets him eat first, and then have her own portion later. A cob of roasted corn, and a bowl of plain porridge. That’s all the siblings were eating, but they […]

Monspace Algeria grand launched

Entering the Algerian market is one of the company’s highlights in 2018. We are very confident about the future of e-commerce in Algeria. Its huge population will buoy this new business, making Monspace Mall Algeria the most promising e-commerce platform locally. According to the World Bank, Algeria’s internet usage ranks 55 in the world. Since […]

Jessy Lai visited new Algeria office

We arrived in Algeria late yesterday. After getting some rest, we are excited to take on the new day and a tight schedule starting at 11am ! Today’s first task is to visit the new Algeria office with CEO Mr. Jagedteswaren. This is our first inspection of the place after purchased. We had a meeting […]