As a Malaysian, I’m proud of how much we accept and celebrate each other’s culture. Tomorrow is the start of Eid al-Fitr 2017, and we are all excited for it. In fact, I’ve already received several invitations to open houses hosted by my friends! In such a beautiful season, I’d like to wish my Muslim […]

Monspace developing VR application Memospace

In March 2016, the world was presented a historic photo. More than 300 people were immersed in the world of virtual reality (VR), so much that none of them realised Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg passing them by. Corporations like Facebook, Oculus, Sony, HTC, and Samsung etc have been pioneering VR since 2016. Besides launching hardware, […]

Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai’s life story will be staging at the Hotel Nouvelle

Monspace will be staging its debut play at the Hotel Nouvelle, Serdang on 18 and 19 June, and 7 and 8 July. The play features Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai’s life story and her arduous journey to success and she hopes it would encourage people to go after their dreams, and never to give up despite […]

Go beyond the problem

We all know people who do not know shame. They have no sense of decency, and their mouths know no courtesy. They love creating rumours out of thin air, and have no regard for facts. They revel in bringing others down, and dragging others through the mud. If you are affected by them, or feel sad […]

Monspace planning to expand operations in Algeria

The team and I have arrived in Algeria, North Africa. The weather here is as bright as my mood, and I’m so excited to see our friends here in Algeria! That’s right, Monspace is now in the beautiful land of North Africa. Since our founding in 2014, we have worked hard and expanded into countries […]

MonSpace Awarded with ESQR’s Quality Achievements Awards 2017

MonSpace Awarded with ESQR’s Quality Achievements Awards 2017 for Outstanding Quality Management and Administration After receiving the EBA’s Queen Victoria Commemorative Medal in 2016, CEO of MonSpace Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai is once again commended by the international community with the ESQR’s Quality Achievements Awards 2017. Lai received the award on 4 June (Sunday) in […]