Everyone Has The Right To Be Healthy

Our mission is far from accomplished. We run programs in different countries apart from Malaysia. This year, we have doubled our efforts compared to last year in hopes to inculcate the active and healthy lifestyle to more people and bigger communities.  I promise to triple my efforts for the coming year of 2020.  I’d also […]

Dato’s Jessy Lai was invited to be the Red Ribbon Humanitarian Icon

I am honoured to be the Red Ribbon Humanitarian Icon and able to take part in this meaningful project. By providing assistance to people living with Aids, raising awareness of their plight, including stigma and discrimination, I continue support the good works of MAF in their mission to end AIDS. 我很荣幸成为红丝带人道主义楷模,并参与这个有意义的项目。希望能通过向艾滋病患者提供援助, 同时进行艾滋病宣导教育工作,提高大众对艾滋病患者困境包括社会歧视的认识和体谅,继续支持MAF在杜绝艾滋病方面的努力。   The Red […]

When you’re a simple person, the world is not so complicated after all

Less is more. Work keeps my life hectic most of the time; but when it comes to my personal life, I prefer to keep things simple. I love the saying: less is more. If you think about it, most of our lives’ troubles revolve around being unable to let go, forget, or move on from […]

Fighting The #1 Killer Of Mankind.

Today I have decided to share something which I felt that everyone should have this bit of information I have gathered over the years. I picked up an old article when I was serving my duty at the United Nation and apparently,  it says more people will die until the year 2030. I was taken […]

Good Business Starts With Being A Good Person

Good Business Starts With Being A Good Person I believe it’s a good thing to have formidable competitors on the market. For examples, Benz never talks down to, or take jabs at BMW. BMW also extends the same courtesy to Benz. With healthy competition, both companies have built empires for themselves; proving that great brands […]

Monspace has turned 5 years old before we knew it!

不知不觉,满星云已经成立了五年,今年的周年庆主题定为‘精彩同行 壮志凌云’,主要是要传达满星云非常感激五年前五年后一路陪着我们蜕变的同仁、家人,满星云之所以能有如此精彩的五年,都是大家一起努力坚持的结果。满星云还有许多的五年,我们满怀宏图大志、我们意志高昂、壮志凌云,美好的未来等着我们去拥抱。 五年以来,满星云都按部就班、不躁进的依循计划扩张版图,2019年,是满星云收获满满的一年。 越来越多的商家以及用户认可MSD的价值,我们的索弗也即将上市,迈向全新的旅程。橙宝网,满星云诊疗所, 酒店业, 饮食业, 满星云信托, 运动医疗也越办越出色, 这种种的收获,都是满星云跃进的象征。 很快的,满星云五周年庆典又来到了尾声,回望满星云这五年来,因为我们坚持不自我局限才能达致今日成绩,同时也是一种提醒,提醒自己唯有坚持’不局限’的理念,才能站在世界的舞台上发光发热。 衷心的感谢一路陪我们走过来的伙伴们,未来的日子,也请你们继续与我们精彩同行,让我们一起期待更美好的明天,谢谢大家。 用生命影响生命。 Monspace has turned 5 years old before we knew it! This year, our theme is “Hand in Hand, We Reach for the Clouds”. Our message here is all about gratitude for those who have journeyed and grown with us through the past 5 […]

Monspace “Spiking Life” Training Ends on High Note.

拔尖专家聚首探讨数字货币界颠覆课题 , 满星云《震撼的生命》密集训练会圆满结束 。 2019 年,稳定币与去中心化金融发展迅猛。作为一种新型的全球性加密货币,稳定币的作用日益凸显。鉴于加密货币的波动性和不稳定性,现阶段其难以作为一种价值存储被广泛采用。稳定币可确保行业在享受区块链技术带来去中心化、透明、安全等优势的同时获得接近法币的稳定与保证。 Leading Experts Gather to Discuss the Future of Digital Coins. Monspace “Spiking Life” Training Ends on High Note. In 2019, stablecoin and decentralized finance developed rapidly. As a new type of global cryptocurrency, the role of stablecoin has become increasingly prominent. Given the volatility and instability of cryptocurrencies, they […]

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Many people strive to make the best decisions within their comfort zone. They crave familiarity, and eventually become slaves to their sense of security; but the world does not stop moving for anyone. Only by stepping out and exploring new horizons, would you be able to […]