Monthly Archives: November 2020

Dato’Sri Dr. Jessy Lai – Global NCD Activist – “World Conference on Exercise Medicine” (WCEM)

Promoting healthy lifestyles and apply Exercise Medicine with prescribed dosage as an alternative treatment to treat patients with Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). This programme is recognised by World Health Organisation (WHO). Dato’ Sri Dr. Jessy Lai through MS New Symphony Exercise Clinic, a subsidiary company of Monspace, led by Prof. Dr. Lee Chee Pheng as the […]

At the end of suffering is success

I’ve always believed that the beauty of life is not a fleeting moment. It is the realisation that you have made it through a long and difficult journey, when you take a moment to look back. 一直都如此认为,人生最精彩的不是成功的那一瞬间,而是回头看,那段漆黑看似没有尽头苦苦摸索的过程。