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很多时候,我看到人生许多的失去——工作、情感、家庭、健康、甚至失去生命。悲剧或挫败,无可避免,总会发生,问题不是何时发生,而是我们都该学会如何面对。 人活到一个岁数,就会明白,人生无法尽如人意,其实我们每一个人都活在某种形式的B选项中,当完美的人生选项不复存在,请乐观的拥抱B选项,勇敢重新开始。 许多来自各领域许多人克服逆境的故事,包括面临病痛、失业、性侵、暴力、天灾与战争暴行等重大失落,看他们如何重写人生,展现人性的坚强。 正如此时的我们正经历着新冠肺炎所带来的磨难,这一场疫情,夺走了许多家庭的欢乐并重创了全球的经济导致许多人面临经济困难,陷入愁云惨雾。 但我想对所有陷入困顿的你说,危机即是转机,跨过这一次的难关后,我们又比从前的自己强大了。 生命面临卡关时不会是绝路,悲伤具有让人生柳暗花明的不可思议的力量,当来到生命中最低点时,依然要保持乐观,唯有心态能确定我们的未来。 这是全人类共同的挑战,而历史告诉我们,人类是坚强且智慧的,这一场战役,我们终将跨过。

Is the Kitchen Dead?

UBS Group AG conducted a research last year titled “Is the Kitchen Dead?”, revealing a massive challenge shared by physical eateries. “Virtual restaurants” and “dark restaurants” have completely upset the industry. Virtual restaurants are regular F&B outlets that also provide food delivery, while “dark kitchens” have become a hot topic recently. Puponfai, for example, is […]

The story had a beautiful ending: the rich man decided not to buy the piece of land….

Recently I saw an interesting ad about a rich man who wants to buy a prime piece of land, situated in the middle of a busy city. He visited a 20-year-old restaurant on the piece of land, asking the owner to sell her plot to him. Patrons of the restaurant are everyday citizens: delivery worker, […]

Voice your opinion

When an enterprise creates a culture where employees are free to voice their opinions, they can expect to improve by leaps and bounds. This is an enterprise that is forward thinking and prioritises innovation, that’s why they encourage a free flow of opinions. This inadvertently motivates their employees, showing that they are respected, and their […]