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Telling the truth from false has become a bigger challenger than ever to the public

We live in chaotic times. Telling the truth from false has become a bigger challenger than ever to the public. Personally, I would never immediately believe anything I see on the news. I would be careful and selective, and always wary of factual accuracy especially. 在这个众生喧哗的年代里,明辨是非黑白就考验了群众的智慧,我本身在看新闻时绝不会第一时间就相信眼前所见,而是多方查证、判断和筛选,绝对不人云亦云,因为我知道随意转贴或按赞一个假消息,可能会伤害一个人,也会成为帮凶。

The 21st century is a world without borders

近日,美国宣布限制华为引起世界关注,而美方在此课题上可多加考量,此举不仅折损企业与消费者的利益,长远来看,也会对世界经济体有所冲击。 二十一世纪是无国界的时代,在全球化的大背景下,兼容吸纳是突围的关键,而多元化和包容性相比起单一面向才是一个健康的且双赢的商业环境,美国应该在此课题上往大趋势的方向多加思考。 The US has recently placed Huawei and its affiliates on a blacklist that curtails its access to critical U.S. suppliers—a move that has gained attention globally. The ban should in fact be reconsidered. Not only does it compromise entrepreneurship and consumer benefits, it will also bring adverse effects to the global economy in […]

Be a wise person, do what you’re supposed to do

The nature of our ever-chaotic online world is that there’s always something strange going on: keyboard warriors having online arguments, cyber bullying, dirty politicking, and rumours that netizens blindly believe. Time and time again these prove to us the ills of the internet. It can be hard to tell the truth from the fake sometimes. […]

The five pillars of the sharing economy

The five pillars of the sharing economy are: 1) emphasizing the right to use, diluting ownership ; 2) recognizing that usage is more valuable than possession; 3) the line between providers and consumers of goods or services has been blurred; 4) The traditional way of companies providing services to the individual has been replaced by […]