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Massage chairs one of the hottest industries

Massage chairs, the new addition to the sharing economy is one of the hottest industries currently. While still in its early stages of development, the business model has developed innovative ways to leverage big data, using information such as footfall, market demand, consumer habits, purchasing power etc. to corner the market. 属于“共享经济”范畴的共享按摩椅是当前最火热的行业之一,共享按摩椅虽然仍在起步阶段,但已经利用大数据和累积用户的方式专研出一套占领市场、调研人流量和需求量、消费习惯、支付能力等方式的新商业模式。

【Sharing Economy】“You need to use it, but you don’t have to own it.”

“You need to use it, but you don’t have to own it.” The resources commonly shared in sharing economies include personal resources, time, and skills. These are physical commodities, goods, and services. For example, private cars can be made available for public use, private property rented to tourists, and high-performance massage chairs rented to the […]

New operation model—— “Sharing economy”

What’s the hottest phrase in recent years? “Sharing economy” has got to be it. This new operation model has taken over the world by storm, and is now one of the hottest concepts in the start-up industry. Compounded with the power of online communities and the ubiquity of handheld devices, this model is also hastening […]

In the cold, learn to warm your right hand with your left hand.

It’s great to receive support for the things we do. But when there’s no one left to cheer us on, we can’t give up. We need to be our cheerleaders! There’s an old saying that goes: “In the cold, learn to warm your right hand with your left hand.” You need to understand that people […]

Monspace Medical Clinic is about launch,Stay Tuned!

Monspace Medical Clinic is about launch, and today I inspected the clinic with the team. Located at Monspace HQ, this clinic is equipped with excellent medical facilities headed by our good-looking Doctor Raven, ensuring the best medical service to all who visit. We will inform about the official opening soon. Stay tuned! 满星云诊疗所即将开幕,今天我与团队到诊疗所所进行巡视。这一家位于集团总部的诊疗所即将营业,我们引进了许多的医疗配备。这诊所由我们年轻有为的Raven医生领航,绝对能让大家享受最好的医疗服务。 请大家敬情期待!  

Happy International Women’s Day!

1909 was the year International Women’s Day was officially recognised. On this day, we celebrate women’s contribution to economy, politics, and society. A hundred years has passed. Women’s rights and status has significantly improved, but there’s still a long way to go before we reach true gender equality. As a woman, I will continue to […]