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Thanks to EBA for the The Business Triumph Award

The Business Triumph Awards is the highest business honour given by EBA and it is given to acknowledge outstanding business development performances, and exceptional leadership. I am especially thankful to EBA for the award. The year 2018 has been a busy but special one for me and for Monspace. The company has achieved our business […]

Thanks for EBA’s invitation to the world’s biggest leadership summit!

This leadership summit is hailed as one of the most professional, large scale conferences. Discussion topics cover various fields such as education, business, politics, tech etc, with in-depth explorations on issues such as B-2B Specificity in Economics of Developing Countries, Non-Profit Activities of Commercial Organizations, Strategies To Find A Way Out of the Crisis and […]

Monspace sponsor the MAF project

I am honoured that Monspace is able to take part in this meaningful project through sponsorship. We hope MAF is able to continue providing assistance to people living with Aids, giving them better healthcare and support 非常荣幸满星云能以赞助企业的身份参与这一项深具意义的计划,让MAF能继续提供专业的服务以帮助更多的艾滋病患者,让艾滋病患能得到最妥善的照​​顾。 Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Arward Gala Dinner I am honoured that Monspace is able to take part in […]

Monspace is concerned about Malaysia’s AIDs communin and support MAF’S

Besides the wellbeing of children, Monspace is also concerned about Malaysia’s AIDs community and the support they receive. We see MAF’s effort, and hope to give them support in educating the public and raising awareness. 除了关心儿童福利,满星云也关注大马艾滋病以及艾滋病患者的课题,看见了MAF在改善艾滋病病例上的努力,决定贡献一份力量让MAF得以持续进行艾滋病病宣导教育工作。

Find a path that suits you, then stay focused and grounded.

Our lives are but a series of choices. You choose your dreams, your life partner, and other choices at any given moment. Once you’ve chosen your path, persevere. Don’t be afraid of the storms on the way, or let temporary failure get you down. Find a path that suits you, then stay focused and grounded. […]

Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai sharing 9 success tips

9个如何管理正确心态的好方法,让家人们用最正面的心态。 《彩云星意》 彩云姐的九个成功秘笈 第222集 20181206 这集彩云姐将会告诉家人们9⃣️个如何管理正确心态的好方法,让家人们用最正面的心态与能量一起与彩云姐、满星云携手同行,用生命影响生命?到底是什么好方法呢?而当天在东盟区块链达沃斯论坛的家人们又有没有学以致用呢?Dato' Sri Jessy Lai – 拿督斯里赖彩云 will tell the family about the 9 success tips, and go hand in hand to use life inspiring life. And did the family members use it in the same day at ASEAN blockchain Davos Conference? Posted by 彩云星意 JC Paradise on Khamis, 6 Disember […]

Authoritative ASEAN Blockchain Davos Forum Successfully Concluded

The largest and most authoritative blockchain event held in the ASEAN region, “ASEAN Blockchain Davos Forum” was held on 2-3 December 2018 at the Golden Horse Palace in Kuala Lumpur. This large-scale industry event was jointly sponsored by the ASEAN Economic Research Institute and the ChainAngel Group and Battlechain. It also received professional supervision from […]