Monthly Archives: July 2018

Monspace and the ICCCM has agreed on a collaboration

Monspace and the International Cultural Communication Centre Malaysia (ICCCM) has agreed on a collaboration to provide free tertiary education to family members of Monspace users. Monspace and ICCCM’s collaboration focuses on sophisticated vocational training, cultivating some of the most important talents needed by the country. Students will be allocated to more than 140 high institutes […]

Monspace Brand “Agarwood” Awarded 3 Food and Product Safety Certification

As food safety becomes a more pertinent issue, and global consumers being increasingly aware of food quality, manufacturers need to implement tighter controls over the entire supply chain to ensure the quality of their products. Since 2017, Monspace has been applying for food safety certification to further improve the management of our manufacturing chain, we ran […]

Brand new shopping platform——橙宝网 CPMall

E-commerce is always the main focus of our company and we have created a brand new shopping platform 橙宝网 CPMall, and is determined to make it Asia’s most popular fashion shopping destination. CPMall has a comprehensive range of products to shop from, including healthcare and wellness products. All products are fairly priced, and most importantly, customers […]

Monspace plan to expand agricultural business

Another key highlight of the day was Monspace’s announcement to expand its agricultural business. In the second half of this year, the company is tapping into the rapidly expanding market for durians, especially the Musang King variant. Monspace has invested in durian plantations in Gua Musang, Kelantan; confident that this industry will see significant returns. […]

Annual business report conference by Monspace

Monspace hosts a business report conference annually. This year, the same is done to update all parties of the company’s work till the first half of 2018, and share the plans for late 2018 and throughout 2019. All CEO’s of businesses under Monspace, including e-commerce, telco, health and wellness, hotel and tourism, f&b, beauty, entertainment […]

Miss International Monspace Cosmos Pageant 2018

On the night of 22 July, Monspace also held the highly anticipated grand finals of Miss International Monspace Cosmos Pageant 2018. On the night, the media, artists and celebrities came together to see the crowning of Miss International Monspace Cosmos Pageant 2018. After the event, Lai shared her words of appreciation for everyone who attended: […]

Monspace sponsor PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha Maju motor racing team

Since 2016, Monspace has been supporting sporting events locally and internationally, with the intention of nurturing local athletes and talents. The PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha Maju Motor Racing Team is one of such events. The PETRONAS Sprinta Yamaha Maju motor racing team participated in Round 2 of the Malaysia Cub Prix Championship at MAEPS. The team […]