Monthly Archives: January 2018

Winners never quit, quitters never win

Some people don’t understand that seeds sown in spring will only reap harvest in the autumn. Too often, we expect immediate returns to our efforts, and give up when results don’t come as soon as we hoped. That’s how many businesses fail—they give up when they don’t see returns soon enough. Some give up after […]

Monspace has donated necessities Yemen refugee

In 2014, a civil conflict broke out in Yemen, and the country has been hardly functioning ever since. Continuous explosions and attacks have wrecked public facilities such as bridges, hospitals, and factories. Many doctors and public servants have gone more than a year without salary. Malnutrition and poor sanitation has plunged the country into diseases […]

Monspace wish everyone an early happy Chinese New Year !

Chinese New Year is almost here, and Monspace is feeling festive! As an early celebration, we had an exciting New Year lighting ceremony, where many joined us in welcoming the new season. The event this time is different from previous years. The feast was specially planned to serve our deaf and mute friends. Naturally, I […]


Monspace Multinational Corp announced today in a meet and greet session that its MS Symphony Exercise Clinic has launched an apprenticeship programme, offering three years of exercise therapy training to youths in an effort to develop local talent in the field. Deputy Minister of Health YB Dato’ Seri Dr. Hilmi Haji Yahaya was also present […]

Jessy Lai meet with the MSD technical team to discuss improvements on MSD’s platform

The first business trip of 2018 and I’m back in England again! It almost feels like this is my second home now, and I have already scouted all the good food near Monspace England’s headquarters! Food-hunting with the team is one of my favourite past time whenever I’m here. This time, the team and I […]

Be a wise cryptopcurrency consumers!

While the government is not banning cryptocurrency in Malaysia, users shouldn’t take their freedom for granted or upset the market with reckless speculation. As wise consumers, let us do our part to show the world that cryptocurrencies are indeed the path to a smarter financial future. We should also be fully cooperative with any of […]